Headquarters support for franchisees:

1. Formulated unified network management system and operation process, and supervised the implementation. Plan the development of the whole network and implement it uniformly.
2. Responsible for unified online brand image design, planning and promotion, and control the distribution of materials and various supplies required by unified production business operations.
3. Responsible for providing unified IT system and providing sufficient technical support to the network information system to maintain the normal operation of the entire network information system.
4. Organize and implement unified network training.
5. Provide service quality statistics for effective quality control.
6. Sales to national customers.
7. Manage and coordinate regional networks, and assist them in the management of qualification assessment, addition, punishment and replacement of network members.
8. Coordinated settlement relations among network members, solved and handled complaints between members and customers, etc.

Franchise conditions:

1. Must have the customer first, express first service concept, and can strictly abide by the "jin pigeon freight franchise agreement", and for the development of jin pigeon freight network joint efforts. (all franchisees must be the express company with independent legal personality in the application area and have certain express business foundation) 2.
3. Regional franchisees must have their own targets that can be developed, and the target must be a company with independent legal personality. (the business scope of the company includes relevant express delivery and logistics business, and the business license term is 3 years or above)
4. Have the ability to acquire talent qualification required by express delivery business. Have certain economic actual strength, newly entered join a company to have the investment ability of above 300 thousand yuan at least on one phase investment.
5. Have good social connections and contacts in the local area.
6. Have the ability to accept the requirements of dynamic information management, and unconditionally use the operation procedures of jinge network software. Can 24 hours broadband Internet access, with a unified electronic mail send and receive function.